5 Reasons to Buy Canadian

Haver & Boecker partners with Canadian producers to offer lower costs, faster shipping and parts availability.


“Made in Canada” is more than a catchphrase. For Canadian aggregate and mining producers, there are significant advantages to partnering with a truly Canadian manufacturer.

Haver & Boecker has been manufacturing in Canada since 1930. Today, we remain the only Canadian vibrating screen manufacturer of both stationary and portable equipment, sourcing our raw materials locally and supporting our domestic economy. While we value our business with producers around the globe, you can see why we have a unique relationship with our Canadian producers so close to home.

We are proud to say that our products are made in Canada, and we are proud that we can provide additional value to our Canadian customers.

  1. Lower shipping costs. Shorter distances and cost-effective shipping methods make buying domestic a distinct price advantage.
  2. Faster parts and service. Our stocked parts facilities in St. Catharines, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta allow us to provide parts to our customers quickly and without the additional costs and delays of a border crossing. Our Canadian service technicians are local, with direct OEM expertise.
  3. No exchange rate. The perceived deal on a non-domestic purchase can quickly disappear when the exchange rate is considered. Additionally, you eliminate the risk of exchange rate fluctuations while agreements are being finalized.
  4. More Canadian jobs. One way to support Canada’s economy and help Canadians thrive is to support the industries within our borders.
  5. A healthy environment. The efficiencies created from buying Canadian mean fewer resources are expended, leading to environmental benefits that positively affect everyone.

Want to know more ways you can gain from buying Canadian? Contact a Haver & Boecker expert.