Breakdowns are just part of the business. But your profit depends on you being up and running. That’s why we aim to not only provide you the answers as to why it broke down, but supply you with the Tyler screen parts you need and generate a plan with you on how it can be prevented from happening again.

Our 24/7 direct service hotline is here to help you get back into operation quickly. Call today at 800-325-5993! 


Use the drawings to locate the parts you need and contact us at 1-855-978-9537 or with the make, model and serial number of your vibrating screen.


Side-tensioned Tyler vibrating screens incorporate the patented Ty-Rail™ quick-tensioning system, which cuts screen change-out times in half. Ty-Rail comes standard on all new Tyler machines and can be added to older Tyler machines during a Haver & Boecker refurbishment. Each Ty-Rail package tensions one 4-foot or 5-foot screen section.

  • Simplify tensioning and minimize parts with a singular removable piece and angle boxes that remain attached to the vibrating screen.
  • Eliminate the possibility of dropping small components and decrease downtime and parts costs with a one-piece rail design.
  • Cut screen media replacement time in half with a simplified, innovative tensioning design.
  • Calculate how much money Ty-Rail could save your operation.

Haver & Boecker offers replacement components on each of its vibrating screens. As you can see by looking through the tabs below, body, shaft and parts for the F-Class are easy to order. Please call 905-688-2644 for further assistance.

It’s easy to access body components for your Haver & Boecker vibrating screens. See the tabs below for H-Class parts for your Hummer screens. Please call 905-688-2644 for further assistance.

As part of our promise to keep your operation up and running, we offer replacement components on every Haver & Boecker vibrating screen. Parts are easily available for the L-Class. Use the tabs below to determine what body, shaft or mounting components you need to replace. And, as always, we’re just a call away: 905-688-2644.

Body, shaft and mounting components are easy to order for your Haver & Boecker vibrating screens. The tabs break out S-Class parts to help you determine what you need. For further assistance, just call: 905-688-2644.

Body, shaft and mounting components are readily available for your Haver & Boecker vibrating screen. T-Class parts are broken out in the tabs below for easy replacement ordering. For further assistance, call us at 905-688-2644.

Your Haver & Boecker UML-Class vibrating screen will need replacement parts during its life. We’re making getting those parts easy. Check out the tabs below to easily determine what needs ordering. For further assistance, call us at 905-688-2644.

Learn more about the Ty-Rail quick tensioning system.

Haver & Boecker vibrating screens are known for their long life. Replacement of worn body, shaft and mounting components is a given during the life of a machine. Haver & Boecker makes ordering those necessary parts easy. Determine what you need by sorting through the tabs below. If you need additional help, please call 905-688-2644.