3 Features for Maximizing your Warranty Program with Uptime

Haver and Boecker Canada - PULSE inspection

Haver & Boecker’s optional Uptime service package combines the latest technologies and services to ensure productivity and increased ROI for customers.

Downtime in a 24-hour industry, such as mining and aggregates, costs more than just time — it’s the expense of lost productivity and profit. Extended screen warranty programs and service plans keep your equipment working at its best while also helping prolong the life of your screening equipment, minimize downtime, and cut related service expenses.

At Haver & Boecker, our approach to warranty is simple; it combines the latest technologies and services to ensure productivity and increased ROI for our customers. Our optional Uptime service package takes the industry’s first full-service approach to optimize production and profits.

Here are three key elements included in our full-service, extended warranty program to ensure your uptime and profits:

  1. Trusted Investment: Rest assured knowing your investment will last with a long-term warranty. Uptime offers a full 3-year warranty giving operators greater piece of mind that their equipment will last.
  2. Optimized Performance: Innovative technology, such as Pulse vibration analysis, gives customers real-time feedback about their vibrating screen’s performance by monitoring the speed, stroke and amplitude of the vibrating screen. Beyond real-time monitoring, certified original equipment manufacture technicians examine the results to ensure the equipment is in good health. And, if the results require a technician for further evaluation a service call is scheduled.
  3. Reduced Downtime: Each Uptime service package includes two regularly scheduled onsite service visits per year, by OEM-Certified technicians. The technicians thoroughly inspect all components of each machine — from the screen deck and bearings to rail liners. From there they will perform a temperature analysis, conduct a feed material analysis, and inspect the screen media.

Ultimately, when it comes down to your operation’s productivity, you can’t put a price on equipment reliability. Ready to increase your uptime and profits? To learn more about Uptime, visit our website or email info@havercanada.com.