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Selecting the right screen media can make or break your operating productivity. You want the best value for your mine or aggregate operation. You’re not looking for a one-hit wonder; you want a product that has a durable wear life and can get the job done without pegging.

Ty-Wire Tensioned Screen Media

Ty-Wire Tensioned Screen Media

Try Ty-Wire and add longevity along with a sufficient open area to get a greater return on your screen investment.

Heavy screening of abrasive materials, such as crushed rock, gravel and stone, results in a lot of wear — and more frequent replacements — on wire cloth screens. On the flip side, polyurethane screens tend to have a longer wear life, but smaller open areas result in capacity loss.

Ty-Wire entered the scene with a unique hybrid design that uses both
polyurethane and woven wire cloth for a durable combination with more open area than traditional polyurethane screens. The hybrid design reduces maintenance costs while withstanding high temperatures and high tonnages. That leads to greater efficiency and a wear life that’s four to six times longer than wire cloth.

 Ty-Wire PS Modular Screen MediaW.S. Tyler Ty-Wire PS Modular Screen Media

Ty-Wire PS Modular Screen Media

Are you plagued with premature wear or pegging on your screens? Ty-Wire could be your solution. Designed for snap-in or pin-and-sleeve installation, Ty-Wire’s modular panels work great in sizing decks, whether for wet or dry applications.

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Steve Fair About Steve Fair

Steve Fair is the Tyler engineered media manager at Haver & Boecker. He has more than 21 years of industry experience and works with customers to identify screening challenges, improve their screening applications and increase screening efficiency. You can reach him at +1-905-688-2644 or contact us for more information.